About AmiLynne and Beau

Hi there! My name is AmiLynne. But you can call me by my Spirit name: Babs. 

Welcome to the Babs and Beaus Journey website, a fundraiser page for Sunrise Service Dogs. 

Beau is a yellow Labrador retriever who is my service dog in training, and I could not be more excited to share both Beau and Sunrise Service Dogs with you

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About Sunrise Service Dogs

The bond between a dog and a human is transformative. We train dogs and humans in partnership to provide service to individuals with a disability and those providing supportive services in our communities.

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About Madison

Hello! I am Madison, and this is my pup, Londyn! I am the one who handmakes all the bandanas for your dog! I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with AmiLynne and help her fundraise for Sunrise Serice Dogs.

Please reach out with any questions or comments