Woofing Out Loud: Why I'm Giving Rawhide the Paw and Choosing Safer Treats

Woofing Out Loud: Why I'm Giving Rawhide the Paw and Choosing Safer Treats

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! I'm Beau, the happiest yellow Labrador you'll ever meet, and I'm here to share some tail-wagging insights with you. You see, my journey as a service dog in training has taught me a lot about what's good for us pups. Today, let's sit, stay, and have a good chew over the topic of rawhide bones – those tempting treats we often get. But hang onto your tennis balls, because there's more to this chew than meets the eye.

Rawhide: Tempting, but Trickier Than It Seems:
Ah, the allure of rawhide bones – they look fun, smell intriguing, and are perfect for a good gnawing session. I'm quickly becoming a 'treat expert"and boy, do I love a yummy treat. But mom won't let me have rawhide treats.  She says:  sometimes appearances can be... chew-cieving

Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Risks of Rawhide:
1. Choking Pawsibilities: Let's talk real, my friends. Rawhide can break into smaller bits, and those bits can cause a serious choking hazard. Imagine your humna's furry friend choking on a piece (you) – that's no treat, believe me.

2. Tummy Tangles: Ever had that not-so-fun feeling after munching on something that didn't sit right? Well, rawhide isn't the easiest thing for our tummies to handle. My vet friend Dr. James says that chunks can lead to blockages, and trust me, nobody wants a tummy ache.  Unlike our humans it's a wee bit harder for us to cross our legs when things go wrong - am I right or am I right!?!?!?

3. Chemicals are Ruff:  Did you know those rawhide bones are often treated with chemicals? Yup, they can mess with our tummies and cause all sorts of trouble. Not exactly what I signed up for in the treat department!

4. Bacteria Barkdown: Woof, bacteria! Rawhide isn't exactly a fortress against these baddies. Salmonella and E. coli are like uninvited guests at a pup party – definitely not the kind of company I want around.

5. Ouchie Jaws: Now, I love a good chew as much as the next pup, but rawhide can be tricky for our teeth and mouths. Mom says that vchunks can lead to painful injuries, and that's just not the fetch we signed up for.

Pawsitive Alternatives:
Don't worry, pals – I have discovered some fetch-tastic alternatives that'll keep you wagging without the worries:

- Rubber Chew Toys: Oh, the joy of rubber toys! They're durable and built to handle even the most enthusiastic chompers like yours truly. Plus, they bounce in all the right ways!

- Nylon Bones: If you're into long-lasting fun (and who isn't), nylon bones are where it's at. They're chew-tastic without the risks of rawhide, and trust me, your jaws will thank you.

- Nature's Goodies: Treats made from yummy stuff like sweet potatoes and apples? Count me in! I love it when mom allows me frozen peaches!! Natural chews are not only safer but also super scrumpt-didily-umptious.

So, my furry pals, let's make sure our tails keep wagging without any unnecessary worries. Rawhide might seem like a tasty adventure, but when it comes to the fine print, there are safer options out there. As your friendly neighborhood Labrador, I'm barking for the alternatives that keep us playing, chewing, and tail-wagging in the healthiest way. So next time you're treat-shopping, remember – we deserve the best, and that means treats that are as safe as they are scrumptious.

Woof out loud and stay pawsitive, my friends! 🐾🐾

Here are some of the treats / chew toys my mom loves me enough to get for me.  Be sure to tell your human, too! 

My fav: 
Bristle Bone
Ruff Dawg Indestructible Dawg-Cube Dog Toy
Nylabone Gourmet Style Strong Chew
Sterilized Bones - not less than 4" in length
Pacific Loop™ from Ruffwear


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