Pup-date 03/29/2023

Pup-date 03/29/2023

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Babs and Beau’s Journey
Because otherwise-abled doesn't mean un-able
A Pup-date:

Notes from our Staff: 

Beau and I focused on keeping all 4 on the floor when greeted with exciting people, high energy, and lots of pets! He really showed a lot of restraint and made good choices all the way through.

We practiced our heeling skills without the communication of the leash and I was so impressed with how Beau handled this challenge!

We also focused on the motion of coming into a heel position from different angles around my body.

After our working session we hung out in the lobby and had Beau just relax and lay down while there was lots of action passing by him. He has shown SO MUCH progress with this! I remember the first day I worked with him! He wanted to jump on everything that moved!

Yay Beau!


Today's Videeos: 

Because otherwise-abled doesn't mean un-able

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