Pup-date 03/25/2023

Pup-date 03/25/2023

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Babs and Beau’s Journey
Because otherwise-abled doesn't mean un-able
A Pup-date:

Notes From Our Staff

Beau had another big day today, he started off in my social classes and then hung out with me for the rest of the day through yard trains in the daycare yard and private lessons. I had him working off leash for most of the day and his only slip up was towards the very end of the day when he was so very tired!  We worked on not saying hi to people even when they come to say hi, working close to other dogs, not breaking his heel when other dogs sniffed him, and he even walked next to another one of my in-board dogs on the way back to the kennel. Last but not least, when we got back to the kennels I gave Beau an extra scoop of food in his bowl and he was very jumpy and trying hard to get at it so we worked on sitting kindly and waiting for it! 

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