Pup-date 03/23/2023

Pup-date 03/23/2023

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Babs and Beau’s Journey
Because otherwise-abled doesn't mean un-able
A Pup-date:


Notes From Our Staff:

Today Beau and I focused hard on threshold work and staying connected in "Heel" amidst outside distractions. I would like to focus on him adjusting himself into the heel position while I am stationary a bit more though. 

We also enjoyed some good and structured outdoor sniff sessions. Beau was only allowed to bring his nose to the ground when I gave him his "Break" command.

Really nice work! I know it was a big mental challenge for him to maintain focus while we were outdoors! I was also really happy about the constant eye contact towards the end of our session! Lots of cookies today!

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