In Honor or National Dog Day 🐶

In Honor or National Dog Day 🐶


Babs and Beau's Journey
A Pup-date:

In honor of National Dog Day 🐶

Just 20 hours before he arrives!!!!

Dear Beau,
Welcome to your new family! We already love you so much and oh my golly gosh, you are just so adorable. And yes, we’ve only seen one picture of your adorably cute face. Rubbing that little belly and face of yours will surely become one of my new favorite hobbies. How could one little puppy embody so much cuteness?

As you will see, this is your new home. But there are some ground rules we should lay out first. You may not pee and poo in the house. I know this is a really weird rule and you certainly are not used to this, but you must follow this new rule - it is very important. The cat will smugly tell you she has a special box in the house to poo in - but we all know that cats are a special kind of creature (more on the kitty later). The humans will lovingly take you to a place where you CAN pee and poo. And I hear tell, there are treats when you potty where you are supposed to!! There will be accidents, yours and ours - but don't worry we still think you’re perfect! 🐾 🐾

Another rule in this strange new house, is that not everything you see is your chew toy. Yes, you are teething, and you need something to chew on, but that’s why we bought a kajillion dollars worth of toys just for YOU! So as you learn that chewing on the couch, the pillows, the rug, or my fingers is not very appetizing (to the humans or your wee little belly) we will be sure to have plenty of chewy things you can play with instead.

You will soon realize that everyone will be fighting for your attention. We all want to be loved by you and want to play with you, so don’t get overwhelmed. Some of us will not stop taking pictures of you either. You will be going through endless amounts of photo shoots and while we’ve bandanas and sweet new collars, we promise never to humiliate you with silly dress up clothes. Us silly humans are just trying to get the very best picture of you to show off how adorable you are to everyone. Just be patient, it will end quicker if you just sit there pose and wait.

Some other family members will just want to sit and lay down with you. They just want to cuddle. But for being a puppy, with all that energy that you have, that’s a really hard task to do. You want to run around, play with the kitty (whooo wee that will be fun), and chew on everything. So my advice to you would be to play as much as you can, get all of your energy out, and then find that family member that wants to cuddle. They will love you forever for it. They’ll also probably take pictures of you while you’re sleeping too... Creepy, huh?

Now, as for fighting with the kitty, which is now your sister. Your sibling was here first, she already know the rules (actually if the humans are honest, she dictates most of the rules in the house, but I digress) and already understand the dynamics of the family. She already has a planned schedule of how her days go. For example, you need to respect that at 1:15PM, she takes yet another cat nap. So that means you can't jump on her or try to play with her during that time. She has these things called claws and well, let’s face it – she is a cat and you’re not going to win.

Kimama already loves you and will learn to share her humans; whom she has meticulously trained to meet her every whim, but it might take some time.

But as for your human family, we are so happy that you are with us. We love you and your cute little wagging tail. We promise to protect you, feed you, bathe you, and give you everything you need to be a happy little puppy who will eventually reach adulthood. But let’s be honest, you will always be a puppy in our eyes.

With all my Love
Mama Babs 🦋🐶


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