Dedication, Patiencee and Expertise

Dedication, Patiencee and Expertise

Babs and Beauā€™s Journey

Training a service dog requires a great deal of dedication, patience, and expertise. Join us for the next ten days as we explore ten essential ideas for successful service dog training.

In our first post, we discuss the importance of choosing the right dog with the necessary temperament, physical ability, and intelligence to perform tasks required for service dogs.

Service dog trainers look for a combination of qualities in their dogs, such as trainability, good health, and socialization skills. These characteristics ensure that the dog can handle the demanding tasks that come with being a service dog.

If you are considering training a service dog, make sure to follow along with our posts to learn more about the important factors that contribute to successful service dog training!

Because otherwise-abled doesn't mean un-able.Ā Ā 

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