Board and Train:  Session One

Board and Train: Session One


Babs and Beau’s Journey
A Pup-date:

Beau is on a new adventure!!  

Starting Saturday last, Beau is staying at the Under the Sun Training Facility in Colorado Springs and will receive daily training in the areas most in need as he progresses through his basic and obedience training. 

I will do my best to add updates each day as we recieve a "Report Card" of Beau's training and activity each day. Luckily, there are videos included sometimes, too! 

Notes From Our Staff

Beau’s 1st Training Session

Worked on slip.

Auto heel and sit 

Beau invites himself through thresholds so we took this really slow until we were moving through together

When he sees other dogs he lunges to greet them and at the moment that is a lot of force on just a slip lead. 

Practicing stay in the midst of dog distraction. This is very very difficult for him and he struggled to hold for more than 10 sec. He always wants to be engaged with something in his environment and is really pushy about getting treats.

good sit but reluctant to down much. Required leash pressure for follow through 

Continued to positively reward when he makes eye contact in the midst of distraction. 


Training Videos: 
Leash Walking:

Distance, Duration, Distraction Training:

Simultaneous Threshold:






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Beau is on his way to becoming a partner in your journey. He’s going to be a valuable service to you as well as being so handsome!!!


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