Pup-date 03/20/2023

Pup-date 03/20/2023

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Babs and Beau’s Journey
Because otherwise-abled doesn't mean un-able
A Pup-date:

Beau's Big Night Out

Beau joined me for a grocery store run today! We practiced walking next to a shopping cart, heel, down stays amidst lots of activity, and focus. Beau did get lucky and snagged a Cheeto off the ground but other than that he was really well behaved! He was calm and collected and looked up to me often. 💜 He is a sweet boy.

As a reward for a great grocery shopping trip Beau joined some friends and I for a taco dinner! He laid under the table, observed everything around him and slept. We spent a good 2 hours there and I only had to replace Beau to his spot under the table once. Amazing job today Beau! 


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